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Comprehensive Exam

At Visionary Eye Care, we believe that a comprehensive eye exam consists of more than determining a prescription for glasses and contacts, although that is a very important component of the exam. Our exams center around truly listening to our patient in order to determine his or her wants and needs. 

To do this well, we form relationships with patients. We are interested in our patients’ lives – their hobbies, occupational needs, individual and family health/ eye history, and general visual demands. This allows us to make good recommendations, run the proper tests, and earn the trust of each patient. Our doctors carefully evaluate eye health, which frequently gives us hints about a patient’s overall health. 

While our focus is on your eyes, our goal is healthy, happy, confident patients. Our contribution to this goal is to determine your best possible prescription for work, school and play, so you can see and look great!

Health Evaluations

Because your eyes are not a separate entity from your body, many health issues have ocular implications. Diseases and conditions such as diabetes, many auto immune diseases, high blood pressure and multiple sclerosis, among others, have potential eye health consequences. However, there are also many treatments of various conditions that, in and of themselves, have ocular side effects. Additionally, our many phases of natural aging come with their own issues that a good eye doctor will monitor. 

From birth to death, we are each ever-changing creatures. Our doctors enjoy the challenge of caring for people of all ages and all levels of health.

Customized Eyewear Selection, Fitting and Dispensing

Many decisions go into a great pair of glasses. Of course, the first step is an accurate prescription, which is determined by the doctor during the eye exam. The next most important decision is which lens type to use to maximize vision for the patient, while minimizing weight on the face. There are literally thousands of combinations that can be used when choosing lenses. Our optical staff is highly trained to make sure you have the lenses that best suit your lifestyle. We only offer high quality products that we would be proud to have our patients wear. 

Next is frame selection, which is much more complex than a simple style choice – although we fully believe that a great frame can create a patient that exudes such confidence that they receive compliments regularly on their look! A great lens choice with a poor frame choice (or vice versa) will result in a subpar pair of glasses and, as a result, a disappointed patient – we can’t have that! Glasses must have excellent measurements in order to be used optimally. This is something that you could never get online! It takes an expert to do this well and we have an amazing staff who can do it just right. 

Lastly, well adjusted frames make all the difference. Compare clothes worn straight off the rack to those that have been tailored exactly to you – it’s the same with a perfectly adjusted pair of glasses. Trust us to take care of your spectacle needs in our optical boutique!

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Contact Lens Evaluations and Services

In this day and age of “disposable” material items, contact lenses may seem like unimportant cosmetic items, when in actuality, they are medical devices that can be wonderful or can be dangerous. Our doctors and staff work as a team to create a combination of the right prescription, lens material, wear schedule and disinfection regimen that works well for each individual lens wearer. We use primarily lenses that can be thrown away daily, bi-weekly, or monthly. We do also fit rigid gas permeable lenses.

Scleral Lenses

Dr. Courtney Hoffman fits large diameter specialty rigid contact lenses for people who are unable to attain good vision with glasses or soft contact lenses. Typically these patients have corneal irregularities from a variety of reasons including keratoconus, corneal injuries, have had a corneal transplant or have had a refractive surgery that has become unsuccessful. Another use for scleral lenses is for extreme dry eye treatment. Dr. Hoffman is especially proud and excited over this aspect of the practice because we have patients who had literally lost their independence due to low vision, who now have their lives back because they can see again. She finds this to be incredibly rewarding!

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